Tilted reflect on SMWBristol

We braved the weather and got out and about this week for SMWBristol, and we’re glad we did!

March 2, 2018

We braved the weather and got out and about this week for SMWBristol, and we’re glad we did. Amongst the networking and copious cups of coffee, we attended an event at the Everyman Cinema in Clifton. The Google #DigitalGarage, part of Business West Wednesday, was led by the charismatic Patrick Sutcliffe – an entrepreneur, musician and trainer in digital best practice. As we relaxed into the session and enjoyed Patrick’s dulcet Irish tones, he ran through a number of points that all SME’s should bear in mind when planning their Social Media strategy. It was refreshing to hear the oohs and ahhs from a room full of people who were clearly ready to learn and improve upon plans they already had set in motion, just like us.

First up was the emphasis placed on building relationships and networks in your digital community. Ok, so obviously as a masterclass focused on social media this was to be expected. Recent developments across our social media reflect our commitment to reaching out across Bristol, but we knew that taking this a step further would be good for us here at Tilted. It’s all well and good getting exposure to other designers, advertisers and media professionals virtually, but we want to meet face to face and get to know our neighbours too. Yes, it’s a struggle leaving the glorious Paintworks sometimes, but we do need to get out more! As luck would have it we were sat next to one of the organisers from Business West, who kindly invited to a networking breakfast run every month for businesses like ours, to get talking and sharing ideas. We’ll see you there.

Another point that stuck with us was using social media from a customer service perspective. This is something we plan to implement in the next couple of months via our social channels. We know our clients like what we do because they come back for more, but does anyone else? It’s time that changed. Where better to see great feedback than from our clients themselves on our Twitter feed. This was a great piece of advice from Patrick that really got us thinking about how best to reflect the results we get from the work we do.

The next biggie is an obvious one, and something we like to think Tilted do pretty well, but there is always room for more: creativity! This came up in nearly every part of Patrick’s presentation, no matter what platform your posting on make sure the content is authentic, timely and relatable. We stuck creative in there too, just to shake things up a bit, and because it’s key to accurately reflecting the Tilted brand.

A big thank you to #SMWBristol, #DigitalGarage, Business West and Patrick for sharing his jokes and insights into the digital landscape. We learnt a lot.