Life Through the Lens: Don’t Let Video Marketing Pass You By

We're looking at how video marketing can completely change your campaign or strategy. It’s another format you need to think about, but one that’s worth your time.

May 9, 2018

Let’s see how video marketing can completely change your campaign or strategy. Yes, it’s another format you need to think about. One that’s worth your time.

Video marketing traffic has exploded in recent years, and the knock-on effect to sales has been even bigger. It’s no secret that we all have shorter attention spans and consume content like whales swallow up plankton. And so, unremarkably, marketing videos have soared in popularity – they do the job in seconds. Almost 60% of the digital ad budgets of marketers are allocated to video, and more than half of the number of buyers plan to increase digital and mobile video spending over the next year (2018), according to a new study from the Interactive Ad Bureau. If that isn’t a vote of confidence for video’s success as a marketing tool – what is?

Think about a good video you’ve seen recently. Why did it stand out? Was the content relevant? Did it align itself with your values? Did it make you laugh or cry? Chances are it ticked at least one of those boxes. Now, imagine how you would present your business in a similar format. Which techniques would you use to show potential clients why they should focus on you, and only you.

To create something worth watching you need decent content and timely execution. The two things go hand in hand. Often one is missing though, and when this happens videos end up just hanging loosely in the stratosphere, achieving nothing. Not good. So, make it personal. People want an emotional connection to whatever you’re selling – give them one by offering an insight into your business. See the example below from the Jolly Hog. A young start-up, now well into city-wide expansion. The video gives an insight into the relationship between the three brothers: a look at their jokey sibling rivalry and what they have given up to make their dream a reality. All chewing the fat (excuse the pun) as 3 little clay piggies.

At Tilted we can talk the talk but can we walk the walk? Channelling video into our own marketing is something we’ve recently implemented for a campaign covering ‘Creative Briefs’. We explored the relationship between the corporate and creative industries when a design brief is in hand. Done right the results can be magic, but often it can end in disaster. As a bunch of optimists, we chose to use animation to illustrate why these difficulties crop up when these two industries mix.

If now is the time for your business to harness the power of video marketing, come and talk it through.