Spotlight on Link

Struggling with briefs? Client or designer - the confusion stems from somewhere..

April 19, 2018

What is it: A web app
Who uses it: Our clients
What for: Creating creative briefs with ease
Works for: Us and them

The concept of Link comes from the express desire to get the brief done as quickly, creatively and brilliantly as possible. To do this we need to understand exactly what the client wants and for us to deliver solutions that match the brief. This is where Link comes in. For some of our clients we wanted to make this whole briefing malarkey a bit easier – both to help them craft a creative brief, and for our own sanity in managing the process. So, we created Link. It’s a nifty web app that allows our clients to login and create a job ticket. We then have control over the ticket’s progress, can download content, as well as launch a Slack channel to discuss the brief. So far – pretty straightforward.

Link separates itself from any old job tracker/ ticket management system in the way in which it asks questions to craft the brief. First, we ask some basic questions to establish what type of project it’s going to be (i.e. marketing, digital or brand). Then, we go into further detail, one question at a time – building a creative brief that’s comprehensive and simple for all parties to understand.

We ask about project timescales, which key stakeholders need to be involved and how close the content is to being signed off. The client can then submit the ticket and we’ll pick it up from there.

We implemented our helpful little app for one of our clients in the last quarter of 2017- since then, we have completed over 200 jobs via Link for them. We’ve found that it cuts the time we take to complete the smaller jobs in half – no more back and forth requesting content – and now we always end up with a brief within the right scope. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve finally seen the demise of illegible scribbling all over the artwork. And that’s definitely a good thing.

If you are interested in finding out more about Link and how it could help your business get in touch.